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Unified Communications

What is Unified Comms?

Unified Comms is not a single product but a range of products such as VOIP, Instant Messaging, Sharepoints all of which are intended to provide a consistent approach and interface across a business while also allowing businesses to reduce their fixed overhead costs on servers and other equipment by hosting all their data and storage in the cloud.

What is the Cloud?

In its simplest form Cloud computing means the storage of and the accessing of data over the internet rather than on users laptops or a central server. The reality is that most businesses may already be using some form of cloud storage already when using off the shelf online storage and file sharing programmes.

How do I know if Unified Communications will benefit my business?

Speak to North East Communications for impartial advice, we will listen and understand what your company needs and objectives are and from there build a suitable range of products that will benefit your business.