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Bill Analysis & Consultancy

Necom provides a free computerised bill analysis. Instead of relying on estimated usage, we obtain a recent bill (either paper of online extraction) and scan the data into analysis software. The computerised analysis allows us to compare current usage against other available UK tariffs.

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Data Services

Data is key to ensuring businesses run with greater efficiency and productivity. Therefore, it is vital that businesses have ways and means of having access to their data remotely. We have access to very competitive data packages that can be tailored to each users working day.

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Unified Comms.

With greater internet connectivity than ever before, it is becoming more and more feasible for businesses to put their data on the cloud instead of their server room. With unified communications, it is possible for companies to run without their own servers. Instead, they outsource their servers (and all tasks that come with that - maintenance, security, etc.), telephone systems, email services, data storage and more to another company who can manage them more effectively. The result, lower start-up costs, more efficient overheads and rapid expansion when there is a surge in the business.

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Mobile & Vehicle Tracking

Customers can monitor their mobile workforce, anywhere in the world, at any time, allowing them to track and report live on the whereabouts and activity of any handset, vehicle or asset. We offer a true live web based GPS tracking system.

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Remote Mobility

With the notable rise in "consumerism" businesses are forever wanting to ensure that their corporate information does not migrate over into the users personal space. MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions allow for businesses to form a barrier between their users personal and corporate information, utilising features that allow the users to switch "persona's" without compromising corporate data.

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Salary Sacrifice

Give your staff a pay rise without it costing you a penny. Providing tax-free employee benefits is an excellent alternative. Not only can the savings available be more than a pay rise, your organisation makes savings too.

All of your employees are different and lead varied lives outside the workplace. Enabling them to make substantial savings on a range of lifestyle costs will not only help to make their pay go further, it can also help to motivate and increase production.

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