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Mobile Broadband

Access to mobile broadband comes in three different forms

The mobile broadband dongle connects directly to your laptop or PC using existing USB ports. The dongle comes with its own sim card and data allowance ensuring that your laptop is always connected wherever you may be

A Mi-Fi device is the perfect solution for those looking to share their 4G connection with either multiple devices or users. With its own sim card and data allowance up to 10 users can connect to a Mi-Fi device making it the perfect solution for work locations where no fixed broadband is available.

Tethering is a feature of most smartphones, turning your device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to use with your own devices or to share with others. Any data used is taken from the allowance provided on your smartphones sim card.

Data Allowances

Using and sharing your 4G signal and data allowance wherever you may be will be of understandable concern to some users – How much data have I used? How much data do I have left to use are some of the most common questions customers have.

At North East Communications we will take the time to discuss with you your current data usage and using bill analysis software can review your previous airtime bills and ensure you always have enough data to keep your business running, wherever you may be.

In addition most network operators will provide some access to real time data usage allowing you to monitor and track your data usage over the course of your billing cycle.