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4G Vs 3G: What’s the difference?

The launch of 4G in the UK saw a huge technological advancement for mobile customer, bringing broadband speeds on mobile handheld devices, the likes of which was previously only available in your home or workplace.

With 4G speeds up to 10 times faster than that of previous 3G technology having access to a 4G network means your business can operate wherever and however they need, using their business applications just as if they were in the office.

4G is not just about speed though, 4G also provides improved network capacity, meaning operators can handle more calls and data sessions than ever before. So the great news is that with 4G not only will you access the greater speeds it provides you are more likely to hold that connection for longer.

80% of the UK population can currently access 4G signal and with a range of devices available to harness this improved speed and capacity there is certain to be a 4G solution out there that can help improve the way your business operates